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high performance EYEWEAR FOR ARCHERS

Pilla introduced the idea of high performance eyewear to Competitive Archery for performance gain in 2013 and quickly established itself as an integral piece of an archers equipment. Pilla athletes won the Gold and Silver medals at the 2013 World Championship in France with Martin Damsbo and Braden Gellenthein. This was also followed up a year later taking both Gold Medals in the 2014 World Championship with Sara Lopez and Bridger Deaton. Over the course of the 2014 season, Pilla athletes won 41 medals of which 28 were gold on the World Cup circuit.

LUCY O'SULLIVAN - Great Britain - Picture courtesy of the Jersey Evening Post

LUCY O'SULLIVAN - Great Britain - Picture courtesy of the Jersey Evening Post

Pilla offers lens and frame technologies for target archery, 3D archery, and bow hunting. 

Pilla has created an eye management system for Archery providing the professional and amateur archer with a tools to enhance focus and registration of the target. The system allows an archers eye to relax perfectly while seeing more clearly than with the naked eye. Without squinting or straining, the eye muscle achieves optimal focus. Pilla offers lenses from full sun to low light to enhance the visual resolution of the archers sight picture though proprietary color filtration and optically perfect lens engineering. Pilla archery lenses are certified by Zeiss to be optically perfect.

The Pilla Archery system was designed in tandem with Erika Jones, Braden Gellenthien, and Martin Damsbo.

Pilla has the only frame and lens system in the world specifically designed by Archers for Archers. The functionality of the system is to provide the archer with optimal visual registration of the target, while managing light to allow the eye to relax and focus. Pilla has created a variety of frame geometries with no nose piece, offering the shooter no visual obstruction through the nasal part of the glasses.

This is critical for archers who, until now, have had to remove their sunglasses, even when shooting in bright conditions, because of frame and nose obstruction. When an archer has to remove their eyewear to shoot, the eye is shocked and this sudden change in light adversely affects the eyes ability to remain relaxed and focused. The use of an optically correct lens system designed for sunny to lowlight conditions provides an efficient piece of equipment to manage the performance of the most critical element of your equipment. Your eye.

Patented 35DC - Chroma Shift Lens Sight Picture

Patented 35DC - Chroma Shift Lens Sight Picture


  • Consistent light into the eye means impacts never vary. No more lefts and rights, and no more eye fatigue.
  • Pilla Zeiss VIVX lenses are optically perfect, with more than twice the clarity of an average sunglass.
  • Easy-to-use lens changing system. Pilla lenses are interchangeable using our patented snap-tech technology or migrating our Wish Bone Lanyard for the MASK.
  • Lens kits come standard with both a high light and low light lens, covering a huge variety of lighting conditions.
  • Proper light management eliminates facial and muscle strain, allowing the athlete to relax and focus to compete at his or her full potential.


At Pilla, we have partnered with ZEISS, the world recognized leader in optics, to provide the most visually accurate lens technologies for the world’s most demanding archers. In 2014, we pioneered and patented the Dead Center Chroma Shift technology for Archery. We tested the concept with WORLD #1 ARCHER Erika Jones in the fall of 2013 and perfected the technical solution with her guidance. Our Dead Center engineering mandate was to develop a lens science that would focus the eye to the center of the target by reducing the visual color interferrence an archer experiences with current targets. The current target is presented to the eye with multiple colors and the visual noise around the center of the target is heightened by the red rings.

DeadCenter technology kills the red field of the target allowing the eye to focus uninterrupted on the gold center. This relaxes the eye, the body, and the mind.



Most important to the archer is the center of the target is now perfectly enhanced and the lens narrows the archers visual reference point. This creates a perfect visual reference for hitting the target Dead Center. The technical solution found in Dead Center lenses creates a visual tunnel for the archer to focus directly on the center. At distance, the technology creates a great compliment and synergistic system to the sights used in both recurve and compound archery.

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