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More Control Than Ever

Piloting a remote control aircraft takes extreme talent but if you can’t see properly you're putting your aircraft at risk. Pilla has engineered a special lens technology for RC professionals to allow the pilot the ability to see accurately and with definition. Pilla has engineered a special line of glasses called Total Horizon powered with Zeiss ViVx lenses that are optically perfect.

The combination of rich color enhancement and a high degree of contrast provide the pilot with accurate registration of the aircraft.

Together with a legend in the sport of RC, world champion quiquesomonzini, Pilla has engineered the first high performance line of glasses specifically tailored to the needs of the RC pilot. All Total Horizon glasses are Zeiss certified to be optically perfect and use a proprietary high resolution lens technology. The combination of specific color filtration science and a crystal clear lens substrate allows the RC pilot to see with absolute precision.

Each lens has the highest performance Zeiss anti-reflective coatings available which reduce 99.9% of the visual noise off the lens.

Zeiss invented anti-reflective coatings and these state of the art applications are vacuum sealed on the lens surface. Every lens also has Hydro-Pelt, a Pilla coating that provides both a hard coat to the lens but also enhances the lens performance with both oeliophobic and hydrophobic coatings. These make is very easy to clean and also sheets any water off the lens.

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